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Stucco Tek Hairline Crack Filler

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Stucco Tek is the only product you need when it comes to patching those pesky cracks in stucco. Made of a unique high solids Styrene/Acrylic with a proprietary water repellent Stucco Tek is a PERMANENT fix for cracking stucco.  Stucco Tek contains two highly effective, totally inert, one hundred percent solids recycled microscopic spheres.  These two products minimize film shrinkage as the product cures.  As a result, any hairline cracks, and/or voids that are visible in the stucco substrate are effectively filled, and the finish coat of paint will go on smoothly and have a consistent, crack free appearance.  Stucco Tek also contains a water repelling silicone resin that renders the stucco virtually impervious to water, which is the major contributor to stucco problems. We recommend that raw stucco be pretreated with a penetrating siliconate water repellent solution (EFF Shield primer) as an additional safeguard against water intrusion.


Available in:

5 Gallon
1 Gallon








RESIN TYPE: Styrene/Acrylic



  • Less than 200 g/l


COLORS: Off white, tintable.

VISCOSITY: 100 - 105


FILM THICKNESS: 5 - 10 Mils per coat



Apply at the rate of 100 to 200 square feet per gallon, depending upon the condition and texture of the stucco, and depending upon the pretreatment of the stucco.

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Surfaces to be painted must be clean, free from all dust, grease, wax, and bleeding stains. Stucco substrates must be fully cured, with a pH not higher than 10.  To help ensure a trouble free application on some stucco substrates, a prime coat of EFF Shield primer is recommended.



Roll or spray. 

ROLLER: 3/4” Nap


AIRLESS SPRAY PUMP: (GM 5900 or larger).


TIP: 429 tip size.


NOTE: In either case Stucco Tek must be tightly back rolled into the substrate cracks and voids with a short to medium nap roller.  When conditions are very hot and dry we recommend that the stucco substrate be dampened with a fine spray from a garden hose before Stucco Tek is applied.

THINNING: 10 to 20 percent with ordinary tap water (1/2 gal to 1 gal of water per 5). 


NOTE: To thin more than 20% will cause shrinkage of the curing film, and defeat the advantages gained from the high solids content of Stucco Tek.


  • Touch ----------------------- 1 Hour

  • Recoat Spray ------------- 2 Hours

  • Recoat Brush/Roll ------- 4 Hours

CLEAN UP: Soap and water.



Do not apply when surface temperature, or ambient temperature is below 50 degrees F. Do not apply to exterior surfaces when rain is expected within 24 hours. Keep from freezing. Do not take internally. Keep out of the reach of children.

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